Christopher Rodericks - Director
I am Passionate about my cinematography work, I strive to make my movies best cinematic videography work ever!
I enjoy working with couples and corporate challenges its a real buzz to work with clients who allow my vision to come forth and its a real thrill to see my clients over the moon with my productions!
Peter Rodericks - Director
I have always looked at wanting to venture into new and great things! I am please to be part of
Visionary Filming Ltd. I have peaked in my Photography and Cinematography Skills!
I enjoy working with clients who enjoy new wonderful idea's to create different stories and climb big mountains with my ideas! 
Its a real joy.
Roshi Rodericks - Photographer / Cinematographer / Editor
I have entered Visionary Filming Ltd. as a passion to try new and wonderful heights! It is a real pleasure.
I have absolutely found my skills in Editing, Photography and Cinematography and would not give it up for anything! I enjoy working with all sorts of clients be it couples wanting to make their big day even more memorable with our skills, and totally enjoy Corporate fast pace Businesses!
We are a family run business but have made well over 20 highly skilled trained cinematographers, photographers and editors. We are a huge but loving family!
Our Love and Passion and sincerity  is always carried through our work and it shows :)
Real blessing to work with all of our clients!!

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