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Photography Business
Many Photographers enjoy getting into this business for the thrill of the journey, be it down town, or grand canyon, far east and so on. Its not necessary that you have to pay for the journey, the clients that you are involved in for example bride/groom scenario would be happy to assist as the pleasure of the shoot is for their benefit as much as it is yours. Therefore taking out a photographers price list may not be needed.
The Challenge from your end would be arriving at a location and having the feeling that a “photography gear” has been forgotten. This sounds and feels scary!

How to over come these small challenges….
Assess your type of shoot
First things first, assess what photographer’s gear you have in stock. Then figure out what are you looking to shoot? If it’s a couple shoot you will need to prepare accordingly from a fashion show shoot or modeling shoot.
The differences of shooting a Asian wedding from a Civil Wedding can be quite slim but doing your homework and assessing the location be it a London Wedding Venue, or a Out of Town Wedding that in it self needs some prep work as to what gear is required.
Best thing to do is to start out with listing the DSLR & Lighting basics.
The Essential’s always comes first!
Essential Photography Gear

Visionary Filming Ltd. photographers have been busy with photography clients for quite a few years now and even then we bound to forget something if not for the essential photography list below.
In my early years at a shoot, I took a nice shot of a couple at a venue with beautiful frosted coloured glass pane window’s around them. Upon checking my DSLR LCD Screen my photo’s started to get pretty dark. I then realised I need to change my batteries of my flash. But sadly my battery pouch that I usually have in my photographers bag was no-where to be found! It then occurred to me that I had forgotten it.
 Luckily I had another spare flash with fully charged batteries in them, and the couple was happy enough to wait 5 minutes while I changed it. Never again did I want to keep anyone waiting, that’s the worst thing that can happen, I don’t mind waiting for a couple taking their time, doing their make-up etc but for myself not to be ready is a No No!
And so, it can happen to the best of us, therefore generating a small note-book or adding it to notes on your phone storage device always helps one to whip it out and seek guidance just to ensure you have the basics required.
The basic essentials for a photography shoot

We have thousands of pounds worth of gear, and the last thing we want is not to package it properly and fasten it securely into its bag/case.
Here is a list of photography gear that I carry to all shoots:

1) DSLR Camera. (Minimum 3) – I may only use 2 if it’s a small shoot but reason for 3 is if one gets packed up or something is not right you have the other to fall back on.
2) Camera Lenses – Ideal Lenses that suites your shoot. 
3) Extra memory cards – More storage capacity you have the less of a worry you have to take relevant snaps.
4) Battery Charger - Many times a photography shoot has gone on for a couple of hours, so I look out for a plug socket to re-charge my used batteries, that way I am not banking on the need to buy excess spare batteries.
5) Flash + Batteries – I like to change my battery every 1 hour – 1hour and half, so having the extra in a bag is no biggie.
6) Light Stands – Depending on what type of shoot, you can range from Ring lights, to Beauty Dish to Ice Lights. Assess your venue and accordingly choose your light stand.
7) Gels / Filters – Would need these for lenses and flashes.
8) Tripod – Generally if you are not moving around keep the tripod to the side of the room and pull it to the area whenever required.
9) Cleaning Kit – You may find dust or some particles in front of your filter lense, therefore it’s a good idea to have cleaning cloth.
10) Power Cords, Extension cords, and plug adapters. - Essential to the location / venue.

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