Based in London, I specialize in Weddings, Special Occasions and Promotional Videos.

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Promotional Videos

For those of you looking to promote yourself, we are here to help deliver a certain look to your chosen profession.


Special Occasions

Making sure that we capture as much as we possibly can on all special occasions, we take great joy in capturing all those little moments that can sometimes be missed



We strive to deliver a cimematic look to all or wedding recordings and advance on them trough the editing process on all videos

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How to get the best wedding video ever?

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Videography packages can have a different price range and different techniques. Each videographer has a different unique approach and methods to film a wedding. The video filmed by two completely different people never end up having the exact same end result. It happens because the different ways in which videographer positions the camera, use different lighting techniques and gives them a personal retouch while editing.

It doesn’t mean that each of these techniques and methods works well for everyone. Find the perfect videographer whose techniques work well for you. So here are few tips that would help you to get the most out of your wedding videography.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Wedding albums

Digital albums are getting very popular these days. They are more convenient than ever in this digital age, to store and cherish your wedding videos and photos forever. Unlike traditional photos, they do not fade away with time and are the best way to ensure that you have access to your videos and photos whenever you want, irrelevant to your location.

Similarly, a wedding DVD will get scratched eventually and stop functioning after some years. Uploading them to a web album is a better way to backup your precious video than copying into a personal computer. It’s because a hard drive failure can wipe your data.

With the explosion of smartphones, digital albums have already made their mark on the lives of people across the globe.

Digital albums and smart frames are very popular these days. They can be a handy tool to store your important videos and photos in a more secure way.

Today we are going to tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of digital photo albums.


Some dos and don’ts of wedding videography

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There are many options and packages available to choose for your wedding video. It can be difficult to pick the right options. Obviously since you want it to last forever. There are millions of different reasons that can ruin your precious video, so it’s essential to get it right. So let’s talk about some dos and don’ts of wedding videography.


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A Little About Me


About Christopher

As a London based professional videographer/editor, I am very passionate about capturing the uniqueness of each special occasion and ensure the pictures always depict the beautiful story of each occasion.

I have been successful in capturing beautiful moments of many clients. I cover different types of special occasions throughout the UK and a few abroad and love telling stories through my videos and images. You can visit my gallery to view some of my work and get an idea about my signature style.

I, along with my team use high end cameras and equipments to provide high-quality pictures and videos and we are always available to support you in every step of the way to ensure you have a flawless experience with our services.


Our team records and photographs all events with high end cameras and accessories as well as edit all projects with professional editing software (Final Cut Pro X)