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wedding videography tips

Choosing a perfect person to shoot your wedding can be quite challenging. This is not to be taken lightly. As your wedding video is likely to last forever, it is one of the most prominent memories of your special day. That’s why searching for the perfect person who qualifies to your specific needs for shooting a wedding videography is a must. With few tips, you can choose the right type of person.


Wedding Video Etiquette for Guests

Nobody needs to be told that the 21st century has ushered a new era in wedding etiquette. As a soon to be a married couple, they have spent a lot of money for flowers, photography, venues and videography. If you are going to attend a wedding, you might want to put the best out of yourself, especially when wedding etiquettes has changed significantly compared to past decade of 90’s and 00’s. The average cost of videography can range to thousands of pounds. It would be helpful to keep yourself from ruining the moment by following some guidelines.

1. Pre-Ceremony
This is a perfect opportunity to shoot bride getting hair and makeup done, or perhaps bride putting on her dress and a group shot opportunity with the bridesmaid. Similarly, shooting the groom wearing his tuxedo and hanging out with groomsmen can also make a good shot. The last thing the videographer wants is some random guest telling him what to do, and how to set up a shot. An experienced cameraman already knows the basics of composing, lighting and camera techniques. You may be annoying somebody knowingly or unknowingly. The situation can be handled easily if the bride tells the guests to go with the flow.

2. Smartphones again?
These days, everybody takes photos via their smartphone. What’s even worse is a guest posting the wedding photos all over Facebook tagging both the bride and the groom. This is an offensive action. You are surpassing the bride and the groom by posting their photos without consent. The last thing the bride wants is someone posting her special photos online before she does.
The rule of thumb is, if there are professional videographers, don’t get in their way and let them have memorable photos and videos taken by professionals, which they are paid for.
It’s well known that under low lighting environment, a smartphone’s camera tend to perform horribly and you would be blamed for posting a blurry and all-lighting-messed-up photo.
Similarly, a guest pushing the wedding camera so that he could have something to post on Facebook is worse experience for the couple and the videographer as well.
The situation can be well avoided if the couple tells the guests that the cinematic video will be released soon and to stay tight.

3. At the reception.
It’s well known that after the jitter is over, everyone plans to dance and drink the night away. There is always someone who drinks too much. The worst case scenario is one of such intoxicated guest soccer-punching the camera-man to the ground, which can range from minor nuisance to a major disasters like seriously injuring the camera-man to breaking an expensive delicate equipment, both are a nightmare and can easily distract the guests, killing all the fun part in the end.
The couples should not be afraid to kick out wedding crashers when things start to get out of control.
These are some of the common wedding videography etiquettes that everyone should know about, in order to get the most of the wedding. Making troubles for bride and the groom is not going to look good on anyone’s social resume.

Wedding Videos Differences,Then and Now

Today, wedding videography have progressed significantly when compared to traditional home videography of 80’s and 90’s. Videos are no longer recorded in VCR or Cds in grainy quality. Equipment has become more affordable in recent years due to advancement in technology. Keeping these things in mind, we are going to check out ten key differences between professional wedding films of then and now.



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